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Qatar has a desert climate. So, lip care is essential here due to the arid environment. A beautiful lip enhances our beauty more than a hundred times. The lip tint has added a new dimension to promote the beauty of lips and beauty experts welcomed it warmly. Considering the increasing demand, we have the best lip tint in Qatar

The lip tint works as lip makeup and a lip care item. It gently colors our lips with a natural look for a long time. Commonly, the lip tint benefits are higher than your expectations. You will get a variety of lip tints in our online shop.

This article will familiarize you with lip tint, how to apply it, its benefits and other necessary things.

What is lip tint?

The lip tint is a lightweight, liquid or gel-based cosmetic to add color to lips. It offers more comfort and a natural look to our lips. The history of lip tints is a thousand years old. Egyptians and Sumerians used a natural color to get the preferred lip tone.

With the advance of medical science, lip tint is enriched with many nourishment elements and has hundreds of color variants. All variants are available in the Lip Tint category on our online store.

Classification of Lip tint

Lip tints can be classified in different ways from different perspectives. But commonly, it can be divided into three types that are mentioned below:

Liquid-based tint: These lip tints are lightweight, rapidly absorbable and long-lasting.

Gel-based tints: These lip tints offer huge color variants. It allows users to customize 

the intensity.

Oil-based tints: Enriched with various nourishment oils that hydrate sufficiently. Its 

suitable for dry lips. 

Lip Tint Brands
Lip Tint Ingredients
Lip Tint Concern
Cathy Doll
Hyaluronic acid
Dry Lips
Baby Bright
Vitamin C
Etude House
Vitamin E
Sensitive Skin
Rom & Nd


Vitamin B5

Holika Holika

The Saem

Avocado Extract

Rosehip extract

Significant lip tint benefits you must love

There are many benefits of using lip tints. Some of them are mentioned below:

Natural look

Lip tints provide a sheer, natural look. Other lip cosmetics like lipstick, lip balm, and lip gel are heavy and uncomfortable. But lip tints are lightweight and highly absorbable, providing various color variants with a natural look.


One of the most popular benefits of lip tints is a stable formulation that ensures day-long color without fading.   


Besides your lips, you can use these tints on your cheek. Makeup experts use these tints on the cheek and use them as eyeshadow.


Many lip tints are enriched with various moisturizing ingredients that help to hydrate and prevent dryness.

Besides the above benefits, lip tints are buildable and affordable. It also provides comfort throughout the day. If you wish to get any benefit, add the best lip tint from our online shop to your cart with one click.

How to apply lip tint in daily life?

Applying a lip tint is a minor deal with our guidance. Just follow the below steps:

Prepare your lip

Exfoliate your lips gently and use a quality facial moisturizer to prepare your lips for applying lip tint.

Apply lip tint

Apply lip tint on the center of your lips with an applicator or fingertip. Spread the liquid or semi-liquid politely on the required areas. Apply the second or third layer to get an intense look after drying the first layer.

Blend for the desired look

Pat your lip to blend the lip tint. It will give you a sheer, natural look. To blend your tint, you can also use your fingertip.

Where to find the best lip tint in Qatar

If you want the best quality lip tint and hassle-free shopping in Qatar, you must choose Beauty Booth Qatar. We are a trusted beauty partner and provide original lip care items in Qatar. The lip tint is an essential item to beautify your overall look. So, buy a lip tint now without delaying a second!

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Data last updated on 6/13/2024