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Buy Hair Color At The Best Price in Qatar

Hair color is best for you if you want to cope with trendy hairstyles or transform the look and presentability. Hair color will give you various vibrant colors and boost your confidence. The hair color price in Qatar is also reasonable. In our online shopping store, a plethora of hair color options is available for you. We offer all sorts of hair colors for women, men and kids.

Before choosing any hair color in Qatar, you must learn more about hair color types, trends, and application tips for getting the desired hairstyle.

Types of hair color

Hair color can be classified in many perspectives. There are four types of hair color based on the duration of color. 

Permanent hair color

Those hair colors easily penetrate the hair shaft and remain unfaded until new hair growth appears. It lasts a long time. It is excellent for covering grays for a long time.

Semi-permanent hair color

This type of color does not penetrate as deep as permanent hair color. It fades over time. It's good for trying a new shade instead of a longtime commitment.

Demi-permanent hair color

This hair color lasts longer than semi-permanent and less than permanent color. It takes time to fade.

Temporary hair color

Those hair colors are used for short-time color changes. It works only on the hair surface and does not penetrate the shaft. This color is easily removed by washing with shampoo.

All types of hair colors are available in the Hair Color category of our online shopping store.

Considerable factors before selecting a hair color

There are many factors to consider before choosing any hair color. Some factors are given below:

Skin Tone

Skin tone is a crucial factor to consider for hair color. Matching color with skin tone provides you with a harmonious look. Cool browns or ashy blondes may be the perfect colors for a cool-toned person.

Eye Color

You can make your eye color pop by using the right hair color. For example, golden color can make blue eyes look more beautiful and eye-catching.


Consider beforehand how much maintenance is required for the color you choose. Some colors require frequent maintenance to keep their luster, while others require little maintenance.

Popular hair color trends

Fashion-conscious people always want to be with trends. Some hair color trends are given below:


This method involves hand-painting hair color highlighter onto the hair. Hence, the hair regrowth is less noticeable and creates a natural effect on the hair.


The ombre method involves making the root of the hair darker and gradually transitioning to a lighter color towards the hairline. It quickly creates a gradient effect that is mesmerizing. This type of hair requires less maintenance.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors like lavender, rose gold and baby blue have gained popularity for their vibrancy. 

Rich Brunettes

This trend is traditional and versatile. Rich brunette colorings offer a timeless polish. 

Tips for hair color (DIY)

Before applying the hair color, follow the below instructions to get the optimum result.

Read instructions: Follow all instructions carefully before applying any hair color. 

Conduct a patch test: Conduct a patch test quickly before applying the hair color to all hair to avoid any adverse effects or allergies.

Start with clean hair: Before applying hair color, ensure your hair is thoroughly washed and clean. Wait to start hair styling until the dye is fully absorbed.

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